Single Diploma Programme


In the Bond affiliated school single, Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) programme, students study using the Ontario curriculum, beginning in Grade seven, and earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma upon completion of the diploma requirements as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students are a combination of Chinese nationals (beginning in Grade 10), and expatriate students (beginning in Grade 7)  holding passports from other countries.
The school is led by an Ontario Secondary School principal, from Ontario, and responsible for the Ontario program. Canadian teachers are all members in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers.
Upon successfully completing the Ontario Diploma requirements, students will receive their Ontario Secondary Diploma in China. The school has a university liaison office, to advise students, as to the most appropriate university or college for the programme the student wishes to study. Most Bond graduates will apply to Ontario, through the Ontario University Application Centre, and the Ontario College Application Centre. The office also assists students to apply for a study permit and visa, providing permission to enter Canada, for the purposes of study. Students wishing to study elsewhere, are assisted with their application to Australian, British, New Zealand and American colleges and universities.