Teachers and Principals


Thank you for your interest in Bond Schools International, and in teaching in China! This website is designed to provide an understanding of our affiliated schools, and living and working in China. It is also designed to provide a sense of the type of teacher, we hope is joining the faculty of a Bond affiliated school. Should you make the decision to come to China, your understanding of teaching will become broader and more inclusive than you have ever imagined.

We know you have made a decision to explore teaching abroad. We also understand living and working abroad will be different for you. As a Canadian educator, you are among the best trained teachers in the world. You are excited about teaching in a Canadian school. You understand the curriculum and students, in Ontario schools – how they think, how they react, and how they learn. You will come to China with an expectation, that teaching the Ontario curriculum, and being in a Canadian school is much like home.

Bond affiliated schools in China are unique.

You will be expecting Canadian schools. Remember, they are also schools in China. You will want to and be expected to put a “Canadian face” to the school. In Canada, that “face” is part of the environment. You will want to replicate that “face” in China. You will also understand the need to maintain a “Chinese face”. You will begin to understand how to blend the two. You will understand that you are not in a Canadian school. You are not in a Chinese school. You are in a Canadian school in China.

You will be in an environment very different for most of you. It will be a different culture, for all of you, even if some of you share a common ancestry. You will be trying your best, to adapt to a new city, a new language, and a new culture. You will be bringing with you a preconceived set of understandings and expectations.

For many, your first inclination will be to judge.06

As a teacher in a Bond affiliated school, however, you are the type of person who will resist being the judge. You will understand that the challenge as a guest in a new environment will be to look at the city, its people and our students, and try to understand where you are. You will begin to ask questions about Chinese educational culture. Then, you will be able to understand your students, and how to help them make the bridge between their experience in school and the experiences that will help them adapt to a slightly new environment in a Canadian school in China.

You will find ways to look at the people of China, and particularly, our students through a variety of eyes. Your personal philosophy will be to understand the culture from which you have come, and to begin to understand the culture, in which you are living.

You are questioning with the purpose of understanding. Living in one culture is like looking at the world through one eye. You are accepting the opportunity to enrich your life, and through your experiences and time in China, to develop the ability to look at the world through both eyes.

Please take the time to read through this website. We look forward to considering you for a teaching position at a Bond affiliated school in the People’s Republic of China.