Double-Diploma Programme

In a Bond affiliated school, double diploma programme students study Ontario secondary school courses, in English, and Chinese secondary school courses, in Chinese. The students must meet the diploma requirements, for both the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, and the Chinese Secondary School Diploma, in the city in which the school is located. Students in the Double Diploma Programme, are all Chinese nationals wanting to apply to Canadian universities, or colleges, for further study.

A double diploma school is led by two principals. A Chinese Secondary School Principal is in charge of the Chinese diploma programme, and an Ontario Secondary School principal, responsible for the Ontario programme. Canadian teachers are all members in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Students must also meet the community service requirements, and either pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, or for some, the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, to earn their OSSD.

The structure of our double diploma program has been developed, in cooperation with the Ontario Ministry of Education, and Chinese Education officials, in each city.