The gauge of any school is the feelings of teachers, students and parents. With International schools, it is also measured by university and college recruiters and admissions officers, considering our students when applying to university or college.

Bond has published a book, Dreams Beyond The Pacific: Canadian Teachers in China, which chronicles the experiences, of Canadians teaching in a Bond affiliated school, in China. The contributors to this book are teachers, past and present, who have been invited by Bond Schools International, to teach, in China. Among them are young people starting their careers, teachers on leave from their school or school district, and teachers who are not yet ready to leave the profession and would like an international experience.

Poetry inspired in Yinchuan, CHINA!

A foreigner’ s unexpected trip to Yinchuan , China !

I come from the vast land of the maple leaf, across the great sea!

I have worked many years and walked many roads of life and lands.

I think, I am tired and finished with my teaching and  my travels.

I retire to a place of beauty to relax, to appreciate my life and country.

When my friend from afar makes an urgent request for help!

My love for travel, my spirit for adventure is awakened,

I respond with hesitation, I am unprepared for a great journey.

Commitments, responsibilities, on the eve of my coming winter…

But, the mysterious  city of Yinchuan has grasped my curiosity,

I am compelled to accept this unknown adventure!

I leave my life of leisure and disarray behind me, board the plane,

With  anxious, yet great anticipation, to experience yet another world, another culture…spontaneity is my life’s calling! “Carpe diem ! “

“Live as you were to die tomorrow!”  my credo!   Shanghai, stop-over

for what lies ahead, darkness calls sleep, but none is taken.

Arriving the next morning, to this unknown city of Yinchuan,

Inner Mongolia ? province of Ningxia ?  Sunny and warm is the city,

Clear blue skies surround the  happy, excited faces of my sponsors.

Weary but relieved, for their friendly rescue upon my arrival!

They wisk me away to my unknown  habitat?

The awaited view of my final destination is surprisingly beautiful,

The streets are spacious,  bike paths, clean, even flow of traffic.

Roads lined with red lanterns, crescent moons, green trees, gardens,

parks, walking bridges cross over rivers to my left and right!

No concrete city, no hustle bustle,no polluted air.   We arrive, no

It is a formal dining restaurant to meet my colleagues.

Two Canadian teachers are pleased and relieved by my arrival,

I practice my chop stick talent, eat unknown delicacies,

Drink famous wine and beer, and leave for my long awaited bed.

Promised an appropriate accommodation, my expectations are none.

Apologies made, arrival unexpected, no habitat, stay with Wei!

Who was Wei? my chauffeur ! Ok! The adventure continues,

Arriving, pleasantly surprised, lm proudly shown my private room!office desk, remote lights, heated floor, western toilet, mattress! laundry, internet, plants, views, a perfect, outstanding dwelling!

A gated  community with comforts of home!  I sleep peacefully.

Wei, walks me to school,my route through a tranquil park of bridges, pagodas, Seniors singing, dancing, tennis, tai chi, biking…

My heart beckons …alas, I am on a mission to teach English!

Wei,my first student, if we are to survive living together! We laugh!

One  hour passes, we arrive number 2 English language school!

My students await my arrival with friendly smiles!

They are eager to speak English, and get to know me!

Are you on “WE Chat? We want be your friend! “

“Hook me up!” We are friends, the ice is broken, the learning begins!

Drama! improve! role play! Let’s learn English! I’m in my element!

First week,My teaching is  fruitful, my body weary with jet lag,

 Walking, Working, walking! I persevere, Mornings are darker, colder!

 I learn how to travel by taxi and bus in Chinese! Weekend arrives!

 Wei has plans ! Apple picking, family, friends,mahjong,art exhibits

Week two! Exhausted but, happy! Autumn leaves, people to meet!

Wei is the best host, I could dream of! She is practicing English,

Teaching me Chinese ways. Cooking delicious, traditional food, dancing, yoga, Chinese medicine, Bringing me into her world of traditions,  family and friends is the way to this  foreigners heart!

Every day is a pleasant surprise, I viewed exquisite art by great Yinchuan artists!  I have met great writers, directors, professors!

My students are eager to learn, helpful, cooperative and respectful.

 Each morning  to see their smiling, keen faces is very satisfying!

I am content, My decision to come to Yinchuan was my destiny!

Jewel Sacrey.   ………the round eyed foreigner!


Our graduates at Trent

Trent University enjoys an extensive history of friendship and partnership with the Bond International Schools. For well over a decade, students from Huamei Bond, Yinghua Bond, and Nanjing Bond have chosen Trent University to pursue their post-secondary learning. These students have left legacies at Trent: awarded Trent-ESL student of the year awards, taken on leadership roles in the Trent Chinese Student Association, held student staff positions in various departments on campus, and volunteered in the Peterborough community. For those who have returned to China, we encourage their engagement with our Alumni Association to maintain their Trent networks around the world. For those who have remained in Canada, we celebrate their ongoing commitment to Trent University, Peterborough, and their successes in Canada. This special bond between Trent University and the Bond International Schools is one that we will maintain for generations to come, and extend to include the campuses in Shanghai and Shenzen. We look forward to welcoming you to Trent.

Cath D’Amico (Ms); MA, BEd
Deputy Director, Trent International Program
Manager, Trent-ESL: English for University


I have great high school experience


I have had a great high school experience with Nanjing Bond International College. It made me appear to be to be very distinctive, when compared to local Chinese students. That could be seen in two general aspects:  academic improvement, and social skills.

In Nanjing Bond International College, we needed to take, not only, Canadian high school courses, but also Chinese courses, in order to earn a diploma, from both countries. This special combination gave me a better understanding, of the study, of academics, under both cultures. On the other side, we were one step ahead of other Chinese students, by getting in touch with academic terminology, in English. When we got into university, I could fully understand all of the math and art language. This provided me with a lot of help in achieving my current academic standing.

Social networking was also emphasized in Bond International College’s education objectives. We were encouraged to join a lot volunteer efforts, in the community. The most important part was that our interpersonal, communication skills got upgraded, in those activities. That made us become more comfortable and confident, to make new friends, in Canada.

Generally speaking, my experience in Bond was essentially important. What I learned in this school will affect my entire life.

Yuqing Wei
Graduated from Bond Schools in China, 2009,
Currently studying, Master of Accounting, at Brock University.

China – Zhong Guo: The Centre Country

Living at Huamei, I quickly began to realize how wonderful the people that lived in the community outside the school22 were. There was a kindness and generosity that was familiar to my Cape Breton blood. I always felt safe and taken care of. My Chinese colleagues were very friendly and supportive when I wanted to practice my broken Chinese. I also learned how great a task it was for the secretaries at the school to take care of all the western teachers that taught at Huamei-Bond. I owe them a great deal of gratitude for all the help they had given me during my two-year stay in Guangzhou.

From the smallest gesture to the biggest act of kindness, my students made me feel like I was doing something special for their lives. Little did they know that they were doing something much more special for my life. I often think about them and what they taught me about teaching and I hope they know how much that meant to me.

Having said that, I cannot forget to mention how beautiful China is. Outside the massive, bustling cities, the countryside offered sights that I had never experienced before.

My life has been changed forever by my experience in China. I have gone on to become a teacher in Toronto and I use the skills I learned at Huamei-Bond International School to perform my day-to-day tasks. I also use the skills I learned from the people, and most of all from my students, to deal with the challenges that life as an educator brings. From time to time, I find myself day-dreaming about the landscape and I smile to myself, knowing that someday, I will go back to visit.

Ralph Phillips

An Incredible Experience, An Unforgettable Adventure

That’s what working in China is all about-an incredible experience, an unforgettable adventure.

Every one of my teaching stints has been positive. I have been highly challenged and forced to use my ideas and creativity to the utmost. I’ve drawn on resources I didn’t know I had. I have become a better teacher. Working with my Chinese students has been a pleasure.

A private apartment is provided to be my home away from home. I have always been comfortable.

China is not for everyone. However, if we are flexible, open to cultural differences, able to appreciate the special qualities of a country with thousands of years of history, it could be the opportunity of a lifetime.


Nancy Sorensen