Q.What is the background of Bond Schools International?

Bond International College from Toronto, Canada introduced the first Bond school in Guangzhou, in 1997. Since then, over 1200 Chinese students have studied in Canadian universities from the eight  schools of Bond Schools International in China today.

Q.What is the difference between a Bond school in China and a language school?

A Language school concentrates on learning English. A Bond school in China teaches English, Mathematics, Sciences, Business Studies, the Arts and other subjects expected of any Canadian secondary school in Canada. Students receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).
Q.What is the difference between a Bond school in China and a Canadian secondary school, in Canada?

The most obvious answer is location. Students in a Bond school in China are learning from Canadian teachers, in English, and studying over courses that Canadian students are studying in China. They will earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, (OSSD) the same diploma as Canadian students do in Canada provided they have met the requirements as indicated in the document “Ontario Schools” 2011.

Q.How do I judge the quality of Bond students?

Bond Schools International judges quality three different ways.

  •  Bond Schools International only selects students we believe will be successful, studying, in English, at a Canadian university or college.
  •  Universities and Colleges, from across Canada, visit our campuses, in China, regularly, to recruit our students to their educational institutions.
  •  Over 98% of our students receive offers of acceptance from Canadian universities and colleges.
  • In 2012, the Canadian government chose our affiliated school, in Guangzhou,China, as the Canadian school, in China, that the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper should visit during his state visit to China.

Q.What Diploma will students earn?

Four of the BSI schools have an agreement with the Ministry of Education of the Province of Ontario, in Canada and students may earn their OSSD, in China. Students in the other schools transfer to our secondary school in Toronto, Canada at the end of Grade 11 and complete their OSSD requirements in Toronto, or take eLearning courses, through Bond International College, in Grade 12.

Q.What are the requirements to earn an OSSD in China?

The requirements are exactly the same as those to receive the OSSD in Ontario. Students study the same curriculum, write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (the same test as students in Ontario secondary schools write) and perform the requisite number of community hours, the same as those students in Ontario schools.

Q.What method of assessment do you use to evaluate students?

All Bond schools apply the same evaluation and assessment methods, as do the secondary schools, in Ontario. Ontario Ministry of Education policies around assessment and evaluation are the cornerstone of our student assessment including the policy document “Growing Success”.

Q.What is your language of instruction?

All of our courses are taught in English, with the exception, of Mandarin, following the International Studies Guideline of the Province of Ontario.

Q.Do your teachers speak English? What are their qualifications?

Yes, all of our teachers come from Ontario, have a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s of Education Degree from a Canadian Faculty of Education, are members in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers and all speak English. Each of our schools is led by an experienced Ontario certified principal.

Q.How do students usually apply to Canadian Colleges and Universities?

Because our students are studying in an Ontario secondary school overseas, they are allowed to apply through the Ontario University Application Centre or the Ontario Colleges Application Centre. Students wishing to apply to colleges and universities in other provinces, private universities and colleges in Canada or universities and colleges outside Canada, do so directly to the university or college preferred. There are staff in each of our schools to help students with their applications.

Q.Does the Bond school in China help students apply to university or college overseas?

Yes, each Bond school has dedicated staff to help with that process.

Q.What advantage is there to studying at a Bond College International?

Universities and Colleges can expect that a Bond Schools International graduate has been exposed to the same methodology and the same curriculum content as any secondary school graduate in Ontario, Canada.

Universities and Colleges can expect that the Bond English language stream prepares students for University or College with a strong set of English skills and their marks reflect an honest evaluation of the fluency level and academic performance consistent with their marks.

By choosing one of the Bond schools to complete their secondary school study, students and their parents are committed to studying at the best Universities and Colleges in Canada.