Bond Schools International


Bond Schools International is the International Division, of the Bond Education Group, Toronto, Canada. It has been a pioneer, internationally, offering Ontario Secondary School courses, to Chinese and expatriate students, in China, since 1997. When Bond Schools International began its first overseas program in Guangzhou, China, it was seen as being, on the leading edge, in the development, of Chinese and Canadian collaboration on the educational stage.


The Bond Education Group is proud, to introduce the affiliated schools, of Bond Schools International. The international division, Bond Schools International, currently co-operates with key Chinese secondary schools, in seven cities in China, offering the best in Canadian education, through preparation, for college and university acceptance, in Canada.


Graduates, from our affiliated schools, bring, an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, and have been among brightest, and most well prepared, applicants to Canadian Colleges and Universities, for the past seventeen years. We select only the best Canadian teachers, for our schools. All are members, in good standing, with the Ontario College of Teachers.


This website is designed to introduce the affiliated schools, of Bond Schools International, to prospective teachers and principals searching, for an international experience, and to Canadian university and college representatives, who visit our schools, in China, and hope to recruit the best graduates..


Our Mission Statement

It is the mission, of Bond Education Group, to provide a continuum, of educational services, which are student focused and quality driven.


It is the mission of Bond Schools International, to provide students, with the best education, through a global paradigm, and the skills necessary, for success in post-secondary education.


Our Goals

The Bond Education Group has committed itself to:


  • Merging the best of the East and the West to deliver the best of school programs.
  • Integrating the strength of the Canadian and Chinese educational systems.
  • Incorporating the best Canadian teaching concepts, methodologies and teaching resources, into its programs.