Nanjing-Bond International College
Posted on March 6, 2013

Study at Nanjing-Bond International College, students can  graduate with both a Chinese and a Canadian High School Diploma. The International High School at Nanjing-Bond is a unique high school operated by Bond, Toronto and Nanjing No.13 Middle School. Students study in Nanjing and do not need to study anywhere else before attending university or college overseas. Students who graduate from Bond can go directly to overseas universities.

Top students can complete the courses of study in three years, and graduate with both a Chinese High School Diploma and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In this environment, students become responsible young adults, learning English quickly as they develop the research, group work, problem solving and independent planning skills needed to study overseas. In this way, the strengths of the Canadian and Chinese educational systems are combined to the best advantage. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators work together cooperatively to resolve problems and to help students to fulfil their academic and social potential.

Bond introduced the double-diploma program in 2006. 12 Canadian principal/Teachers for year 2014-2015.